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Included Data Cost Term Cost per GB
500MB $16.50 30 days $33.00
1000MB $29.00 30 days $29.00
2000MB $39.00 30 days $19.50
3000MG $49.00 90 days $16.34
4000MB $59.00 90 days $11.80
6000MB $69.00 90 days $11.50
10,000MB $99.00 180 days $9.90
15GB $149.00 365 days $9.94


*Data Allowance includes Uploads and Downloads and wireless modem will not work once limit is reached. Recharge at Linear G. Cards not recharged after 45 Days of expiry will be deactivated and a re-activation charge of $25.00 will apply.

Linear G provides it’s own private mobile internet network block so no matter how many subscribers are using the network your connection speeds stay more consistent. Speeds of up to 3.8mbps (depending on area and availability of the Optus Network).