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NBN INTERNET PLANS May 2019 (Broadband Only)

These plans are available Australia wide and are available on a 12 or 24 month basis.

  Data Price/Month (Inc GST)
NBN12/1 100GB $47.95
NBN12/1 Unlimited $58.95
NBN25/5 100GB $58.95
NBN25/5 Unlimited $68.95
NBN50/20 Unlimited $78.95
NBN100/40 Unlimited $88.95



Reason   Charge
NBN Wireless Modem/Router   Included
Activation Fee (12 months)   $110
Activation Fee (24 months)   $0
Change of Speed   $11.28
Early Cancellation Fee   $110
Late Payment Fee   $15

All prices listed are inclusive of GST.

All connections are shaped to 256 kbits/s (Residential) after the download quota has been reached in any single calendar month.

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