Web Design Packages from as little as $440!

We take the fuss, time and worry out of web design conception and creation. We offer expert e-marketing advice as part of the package, so you can be confident your website will work for you. Our designs are as diverse as you are, with styles tailored to suit all types of industry.

Working with Linear G, you have a high quality and effective website for around 50% of Sydney prices. Our extensive experience working in the local region and knowledge of “what works” in the e-market place be it local, national or international, is another advantage we offer.

Linear G is a one stop shop’ for internet solutions so you can have your web hosting, domain registration, ADSL and ADSL2 internet, web design, search engine optimisation, VoIP call service and more all with the one company. This keeps bookkeeping simple and adds value to our proposition by taking advantage of the bundled deals we offer.

Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) will give you the power to add content to the site, including text, images, and links.. Layout tools are available to add a professional touch to your input. You will also be able to add additional web pages with a dynamic menu so you can literally expand your website to suit your changing needs.

Some of our CMS projects include:

New CMS web development projects includes:

  • Original graphic design to your specifications,
  • Fully featured CMS editing and layout options
  • Dynamic menu (enabling you to add more pages to your site at will.)
  • CMS training
  • SEO tips
  • Copyright ownership transfered to you upon project completion


With e-commerce, retailers and service providers alike are liberated from the restrictions of a street
location and the limited clientelle that a physical shop front can deliver.

Like CMS, Linear G’s e-commerce websites will give you the power to update content according to your requirements without needing to budget for a designer to do the work. With e-commerce there are far more options and opportunities to drive sales directly to a broader online market.

Whether your clients will benefit from making online account payments or being able to order your products from the comfort of home at their convienience,they will appreciate the investment you made in helping them to access your product or service and reward you with sales.

The jury’s verdict is in: online shopping is green. Today’s trends show that consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases and are looking for green alternatives. Consequently, online sales are going through the roof, increasing by an astounding 20% to $81 billion in 2007-08*. The question is, can your business afford not to engage in e-commerce?

With e-commerce you can assist your clients in reducing their carbon footprint and help them make better consumer decisions. The benefits of opening e-commerce options to your business are potentially limitless.

*ABS: Summary of IT Use and Innovation in Australian Business

Some of our e-commerce projects include:

E-commerce sites include all features of CMS sites plus shopping cart and freight management

Search Engine Optimisation

How is your website ranking in the most popular search engines? If your not on the front page, chances are your website will not be seen. You might have the best deals in town but unless you can get this message out there effectively, this will make little to no difference to your bottom line in terms of online presence.

Search engines such as Google, Bing and Ask strive to deliver the results their users want. Technology is constantly advancing to refine search results in an effort to more accurately reflect the end-users needs. Outdated SEO techniques such as loading meta tags with keywords or simply saturating the content with keyword combinations with low relevance to the rest of the site are now largely ignored by the latest webpage tracking apps. Further, websites that attempt to grab a larger share of the market by making false claims, using competitors product names, brands and/or locations are more likely to be banned from search engine results all together.

Effective SEO has now evolved to work in harmony with the objectives of the major search engines, rather than working against them. Link building, using industry specific directories, reviews, forums and other social networking are now far more important to your results. At Linear G we offer a range of SEO packages that assist your website achieve the recognition it deserves.